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Alex Eli Ayr, also known as Eli is a major character and the top member of the combat class. He is close friends with the main character, Xiang Ye. He is seen in the first chapter of the story alongside Xiang Ye, Tols Penny, and Isabella Osa.


Alex is a punch first think later short of man. He is confident in his abilities but always sees room for improvement, showing great respect for his master, Mike Yaso and others he fights alongside.


Alex is a tall muscular youth with blueish/ blackish pointy hair. He is usually seen with an open vest and his signature red scarf. He always has wrappings around his hands and wears combat pants with a red sash wrapped around his waist.


Though he is seen in the first chapter his character is not officially introduced until chapter 16. There is where he first meets the main character Xiang Ye and his wife Isabella Osa. he is told to show his power to the two of them. After Xiang passes out from the extreme amount of boundary force Alex takes care of him. He quickly befriends Xiang afterward and becoming one of his closest acquaintances/ allies.

Battle for the forging stones[]

During this time he helped Xiang Ye and Ashtone Martin is securing the forging stones by the main characters' request. He fought multiple Refinery students as well as the teacher of the refinery class