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Dorona is the head Swordsmanship teacher at the Royal Academy. She is a former pupil of the great Swordsman Mochia.


Dorona is a headstrong woman who has a traditionally male job. Dorona has a tomboyish personality and takes her job very seriously. Skipping her classes, unexcused, will get you smacked around. This however fades when she is around Sophisas, who she has strong feelings for. When accompanied by Sophisas, Dorona will act very affectinate and cute while clinging to him. Her pride as a swordswoman has caused her to butt heads with fellow teacher Wadley Aisi over who's class is superior.


Dorona is a slim woman with short black hair, gray eyes, and tanned skin. She wears a burgandy vest with a right shoulder guard over a black crop top, and a combat skirt and sword sheath.


Dorona makes her first appearance in chapter 17 fighting with the Magic teacher Wadley Aisi over who can use the training space. They are stopped by the arrival of Xiang Ye and Yi Bei who have been permitted by Sophisas to enroll in the Royal Academy. Dorona however is upset that Sophisas had not come personally.



Wadley Aisi:

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Teacher of the Royal Academy swordsmanship class and a former student of the famous Mochia. Dorona can be considered a powerful and skilled swords-woman. Shown to be able fight the Magic teacher on equal footing. Isabella Osa herself noted the teacher was powerful in her own right.