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General and Moss Feili are teammates that participated and made their first appearance in the Tournament(arc). They represented the Magic class. Moss Feili is noted to be one of the classes strongest specialist.


Feili is shown to be a decent guy if not a bit of a moron. Who is not above ingratiating or trying to take advantage of others kindness. But has proven to be forth coming when he admitted that Yuri Aisha was simply trying to help him get past the first round by asking for the Forging class help and noted he was more like the generals servant to the Queen of Thorns.

The General has shown to be a laid-back and insightful big Cat. Who has no problem criticizing his partner for his mistakes. Like most cats he’s shown a fear of getting wet by water.


Feili is a tall average build young man with Green and orange hair in a undercut side sweep like style.With green eyebrows and orange eyes. Wearing a blue ponch that reaches near his hips with the collar up and a small skinny white belt wrapper around the collar. with a yellow long-sleeve shirt underneath. with long white pants stuffed in his blue colored boots. With a black belt.

The General is a large gray and black cat. With blue eyes.


He makes his first appearance in chapter 57. Being introduced as one of the five representatives of the Magic class entering the Tournament.

Powers and Abilities[]

The duo are members of the Magic class(a class that requires one to have an exceptional level of boundary force for one to join)with Feili noted to be one of their strongest specialist in the class. He is noted and shown to be a rare user of Light Magic. Which uses power gathered from the sun. When Feili is in the midst of a fight.The General and Feili are shown to work as a team. The General seems to handle most of the close combat Aspects.

While Feili supports him by empowering him with his Light magic and shooting powerful light beams at the enemy(and recklessly everywhere else due to his lack of master). Even without the enhancement of Light Magic, the General is shown to be more quick and agile than what his normal appearance suggests. With the enhancement, he turned into a bipedal-muscular cat with increased strength and speed that allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Wakiri Nainai.