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The father of Isabella Osa and the former king of the Demon Tribe. Not much else is known about him besides his legendary fight with Tols Angus.


George had a genocidal approach to ruling over one of the two most powerful tribes, as remarked by Isabella.



George used to be friends with Vasily Andre, and the two used to meet often. Andre implies that the two of them split over their disagreement on how to deal with the God Tribe.

George Osa vs Tols Anguns

Demon King George Osa's famous battle with Tols Angus as narrated by Dorona.

At some point during a war, George clashed with Tols Angus, who managed to hurt George before fleeing.

Powers and Abilities[]

Demonic Core: As a Demon monarch from the legitimate line, George possesses a unique demonic core that provides him with an unparalleled a amount of boundary force
George Osa's Demonic Core

George's Demonic Core

Giant Form: As seen in the flashback of the fight against Tols Angus, he can transform into a gigantic form
George Osa's Giant Form

George's Giant Form