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Gold Alloy Stones are minerals that contain magic in them. The Stones are located in a stone mine at the Eastern Border. The Mine is called Gold Alloy Stone Mine. This Mine is where the humans get their stones from.


They look like any other stones. But come in different colors depending on the type of stone being used.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

A major strength of these Stones is that they can be used to do magic without the use of Boundary Force. Making them very useful to those who have little to no Boundary force at all. The human tribe mostly use the stones for Forgery(Creating objects through drawings).The Dwarf tribe has been noted to use them as well.The Stones can also be used to amplify a Magicians magic attacks.

A major weakness of the stones is that they are not safe to use as they are. Partly due to them being too powerful to control. The other is that they can harm the one trying to use them. Another weakness is that their power is limited and can be fully depleted in one spell. And that the user has to use a specific stone in order to use a specific element.