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Kilyen is one of the Demon Army's 12 Pillars, known as the Insect Pillar and the older brother of the Air Pillar Papate. He is ranked 4th among the 12 Pillars with the ability to manipulate insects. He is a major antagonist of the Dwarf Kingdom Arc. He is tasked by Lillian with invading and conquering the Dwarf Tribe to secure sacrifices for the God Tribe. He first appears during the Demon Tribe's War against the Dwarf Tribe in which he uses his bomb insects to damage the moving dwarf city's weaponry.


Kilyen normally has a calm demeanor and focuses on the task he has to accomplish.


Kilyen is a tall blue insect-like humanoid with gold colored eyes. He has a Japanese rhinoceros beetle horn on his forehead and insect wings on his back. His arms, shoulders, and thigs covered by sturdier armor-like crusts. He has insect feet with two claws on the frontside and one on the backside.


Dwarf Tribe Arc[]

He is sent by Lilian to attack the Dwarf Tribe's moving fortress along with Soso and Mucus. He first appears producing and directing his bomb insects towards the dwarf fortress' canons and other moving parts.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kilyen can produce hive-like nests from which his insects appear from. He can detonate the insects from a distance, causing an explosion of considerable magnitude.