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He is the head combat teacher in Royal Academy. Teaching his students self improving through intensive training. Mike makes his first appearance in chapter 16.


Despite his serious demeanor. Mike has shown to be a friendly and wise man.


Yaso is a short muscular man. With brown slick back hair that has white streaks in it. He wears a black vest with a red shirt underneath.


Powers and Abilities[]

As the Close Quarters Combat Teacher. Yaso can be considered a very skilled and very powerful combatant. While he has yet to show his power in great detail. He has shown and been noted by others to be very powerful individual. As he was able to demolish an entire stadium with just one technique. And has even displayed an ability to cause fear in others by simply unleashing his Boundary force.

When compared to his two strongest students. Ashtone Martin mistakenly believed they were almost as strong as their teacher. Only for the Principle to correct him and say that Eli and Buno probably only represented about 20% of Mikes actually strength. Yaso was also said to have fought the Principle in the arena and actually managed to break one of his bones.