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Sophisas is the Leader of the White Dragon Knights, one of the seven knightly orders of the Human Kingdom. He is also the patron to Xiang Ye and Isabella Osa.


Sophisas is the prime definition of the serious type. Though that does not make him any less caring and kind towards the protagonist and his wife. He is shown to be the type of leader who will put others before himself. The young leader also has a romantic relationship with a certain maid under his care, Elena.


Sophisas is a pretty boy and is often seen sexually confusing Xiang Ye (A running gag). Tall, skim, and very good looking. He has very long white hair with golden eyes. The young knight is usually seen in some form of golden armor to show his status as a leader. He is also stated to be well endowed down below the beltline.


He is first introduced intercepting Xiang and Isabella who were attempting to flee the human kingdom's forces. He is surprised how much Xiang looks like his brother. Sophisas believes the story of them being slaves to the demon clan and takes them to his home as his guests.

Powers and Abilities[]

As leader of the White Dragon Knights. He commands an exceptional amount of authority over them. While not much of his powers and abilities were shown in great detail In the beginning. It was hinted that he‘s a very powerful and capable fighter. Even at the age of 15 he was able to fight and survive many fights on the battle field against the Demon tribe.

And was said to have helped turn the tide of many battles that benefitted the human tribe. By the time his adopted father met him he had already been given the position of front line fighter. And earned himself the tittle “The Child Hero”(which he admits to disliking)and a fearsome reputation amongst the Demon tribes army. After being adopted by Guro Dita he ends up joining the White knights as the kings personnel cavalry. This group is noted to only be called into when there is a civil deal or celebration to be had resulting in them not seeing much combat.

Despite this Sophisas fighting prowess don’t seem to have lessened. As he was shown to be able to easily stop a boundary-energy made sword attack when defending the king from Mochia, a highly renowned swordsman, sudden attack. And managed to kill him with practically no effort at all. Another example is after a training session, Isabella Osa was shown to have been disarmed of her sword and was sweating from exhaustion(a feat no one else has shown to manage when against her). Even the Regent himself admitted that he considerers Sophisas to be one of his important generals.

Sophisas has recently shown to be able to fight and even overwhelm General Papate(neither were fighting at full power though). Fighting capability aside,he’s shown to have a keen eye for good potential soldiers. As he was able to tell Isabella had lots of potential while her husband was still far off.