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Tols Angus is the Regent of the Human Tribe and one of the primary antagonists of the story, My Wife Is A Demon Queen. Angus is a member of the Royal Family and second in power only to the King, and an ally of the Demon Queen Lilian in their plan to offer sacrifices to the God Tribe. He is the most powerful warrior in the human kingdom's military, said to have once fought on equal footing with the former demon king George Osa.


Tols Angus is brutal and domineering, which ensure him as the de facto ruler of the Human Tribe. He is exceptionally cunning unlike his foolish sons, exploiting loopholes. Though cruel, Tols Angus's actions are well-meaning as he seeks to protect the Human Tribe from being sacrificed to the virtually invincible God Tribe. His methods are at the expense of lives of other races. Aside from being manipulative, Tols Angus is also the strongest warrior of the Human Tribe. Even the highly accomplished swordsman, Sophisas is no match for him. Xiang Ye is believed to be the only individual within the Human tribe who can challenge the overall power of Tols Angus.


Angus is a tall masculine man with red eyes, hair, and beard. He is usually seen in fine clothing and fur.


Royal Academy Arc[]

Angus is first mentioned in chapter 7 and later introduced at the end of Chapter 8 carrying the head of a demon tribes high priestess, angering Isabella. He later threatens his son for insulting Sophisas before dismissing him.

He is later seen arguing with Guro Dita who is angered by the warlord's attempt on the demon queens life. Saying that the King's name was tainted by Angus' actions, and risked an all-out war. However, Angus argued that he was in the right by dethroning the demon queen (Isabella) there would a stronger relationship between the two tribes if they supported the usurper Lillian. This wins the king's favor and he accepts the regent's plan.

He is later seen in chapter 45 after the events over the forging stone rights. who revealed that he was unpleased with the inflation of the forging stones price because it embezzled the military budget. He punished the one in charge of it (second in command with the purple dragon team) saying that he hated thieves. He even suggested that the forging stones be collected by the forging class and the white dragon knights in the future.

Showing his immense boundary force.

As they left the palace, a confrontation ensued between Sophisas and him. Sophisas claiming that Angus was abusing his power as the regent and not running the country properly. Before a battle ensued there was news that seemed to shock both of them. Guro Dita's suicide. It is implied that Angus was responsible for it.

He was lastly seen in his own throne room talking to his daughter, Tols Penny, who brought him the heads of political rivals. He then tells her to enter the kingdom cup and spy on Xiang Ye and discover his motives, showing some interest in the young forger.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the Regent of the human tribe who was requested by the previous king to support the current king, Angus has the greatest authority in the entire Capital, only rivaled by the king. His authority and power are backed by his Royal status, political influence, having the strongest Cavalry, and his great physical power. These things have made some believe and see Angus as above all men.

He has yet to show his full fighting capabilities. Angus has been called and considered the strongest fighter in the kingdom. Who was said to be the only human to have survived a confrontation with George Osa and actually managed to harm him. Which was said to have been done when he was younger. Sophisas has noted The Regents power goes beyond imagination and that he would have to wait before he could hope to challenge him in a real fight.

Boundary Force: Tols Angus's boundry force is the most powerful in all the human tribe, being strong enough to intimidate and supress the Dragon Knight Commander Sophisas.

Dragon Form: As a member of the Royal Family Angus possess the ability to transform into a half dragon hybrid. This form allows the user to greatly enhance their physical and magical power upwards to 10 times their base form although this varies from person to person. Rennes' dragon form is more humanoid and has a pair of wings. Like all other men of the Royal family, While his new form has not been seen, Sophisas has stated that Tols Rennes dragon form was noted to be getting close to the Regent's.