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“That last round was super boring. I finally get to fight someone who can take a punch!”

-Buno to Eli Ayr


Tols Buno is the second son of the Regent Tols Angus, and a member of the Royal family. He is a student of the Royal Academy in the Close Combat class, and a supporting antagonist of My Wife is a Demon Queen. He serves as a supporting antagonist along with his siblings in the Royal Academy Arc and the secondary antagonist of the Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc.


Buno is an entitled, overconfident, and merciless fighter just like his brothers. Despite his brute like nature, he is shown to be intelligent enough to have the sense to save and not waste unnecessary energy such as when warning his brother that they would waste energy if they transformed and would be possibly too weak to face another monster in the next stage and when he chose to hitch a ride with his brothers in Tols Bushi's blue slime to cross the river instead of swimming like his classmates did. Buno is belligerent, and loves fighting above all else. He enjoys fighting strong opponents, as they can give him a greater challenge. Despite his overconfidence and unlike his brothers, Buno is able to recognize and acknowledge the strength of his opponents which indicates he holds some honor in his fights. His brutal nature and sadism are on full display when he fights all out, such as when he continued to beat Eli while he was seemingly incapable of fighting back.


Buno is a tall muscular young man. With red spikey hair, red eyebrows, and red eyes. He wears a wrap button up black shirt. Tucked in his waist draped black color martial arts style kilt. That has a black sash wrapped around it to hold it in place.

In his dragon form, Buno has a more dragon like appearance, with golden brown scales as well as horns, a tail, and wings.


Royal Academy Arc[]

Tols Buno is first seen in chapter 43 alongside his brothers Tols Buri and Tols Bushi, discussing their plans to raise the prices for the alloy stones, revealing their involvement in the Purple Dragon Knights embezzlement. He is later shown accompanying his brothers, confronting Xiang Ye and the teacher of the Forging Class Ashtone Martin who apprehended Refinery teacher Yalu for his crimes. Martin accuses the Commander of the Purple Dragon Knights as well as the princes of embezzlement. The group ignore his allegations and instead accuse Martin and the students of mining the alloy stones without authorization. They order the Purple Dragon Knights that are present to apprehend everyone involved in acquiring alloy stones.

Before the Purple Dragon Knights can apprehend Xiang Ye and his friends, Dorona & Aisi the swordsmanship and magic teachers of the Royal Academy, as well as Sophisas and Tols Rennes. Sophisas informs the Tols brothers that the King had caught word of Martin's actions and requested an audience with everyone involved. When the brothers refuse to back down, Rennes scolds and overwhelms his nephews with his Boundary Force as a warning to never embarrass their royal family name again.

The Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc[]

A few weeks following the Battle for the Forging Stones, Buno is selected as one of five students to represent the Close Combat Clasd in the Kingdom Cup Tournament

Round 1: The Cross Country Race[]

In the first category of the tournament, Buno laughs at his fellow students as they swim through the Lake of Sound while he teams up with his brothers to cross the Lake of Sound by using Bushi’s slime to shield them from any dangers. Thanks to the slime they are able to slip past the Void King of the Lake of Sound while it attacked the other students, granting them the lead.

As they entered the second location, the Fallen Forest, the three brothers take the opportunity to set fire to the forest to lure out the creatures inhabiting it and attack the other students, in order to secure their lead as well as get revenge on Xiang Ye for his interference in their embezzlement from before.

As the Tols brothers make their way through the third location, the Windy Valley, they are ambushed by a group of Rock Golems. While Bushi suggests they transform to combat their enemies, Buno advises against this as they would become too drained from their transformation and would be unable to fight any stronger enemies ahead. Unable to fight the golems in the environment, they are saved by the arrival of their uncle Rennes, who deduces that it was them who was responsible for the forest fire in the last location. After saving their lives and taking the lead from them, Rennes threatens the trio not to pull a stunt like that again, leaving the brothers to cower in place.

Having lost the lead, the Tols brothers press on through the fourth location, the Fire-Red Sand River. As the brothers try to bear the heat of the desert, Buri demands that Bushi use his slime to protect them from the heat, but Bushi admits he is unable to as his slime is weak towards extreme levels of heat. While the brothers continue to walk they notice two vehicles catching up to them. The vehicles pass by them, revealed to be the other students lead by Xiang Ye. Buri orders them to take Buri and his brothers with them but Xiang Ye ignores him, much to Buri’s fury. As the group drive away, Bushi pulls out a piece of his slime and latches it on to the vehicle, to sabotage them.

In the final location of the Cross Country Race, the Kingdom Ridge, the Tols Brothers catch up to Xiang Ye and his group on a bird made from Bushi’s slime and shows them the tokens they stole from them with the slime he latched on to their vehicle earlier. The brothers face off against Xiang Ye and his group to retrieve their tokens, with Xiang Ye’s weapons being the only thing able to fend off against the three. Buno does not fight them as he is mostly protected by his brother’s slime wall. While the group are distracted, Bushi creates a giant hammer out of his slime and destroy’s the mountain top that everyone is standing on. As the group falls, the brothers make it through the portal, leaving the others to fall to their deaths. Despite watching them fall over the cliff, Xiang Ye and his wife Yi Bei manage to cross the finish line and secure their spots in the second category, much to Buno’s disappointment.

Round 2: The Elimination Battles[]

After securing his placement in the top 16 students of the race, Buno along with his brothers move on to the second category of the tournament, the elimination battles. Buno watched from the side with Buri as their younger brother Bushi was set to fight Xiang Ye. As their fight continued to drag on Buno became more infuriated that Xiang Ye was still standing. After Xiang Ye managed to trap Bushi in his useless lumber microwave, he calls out Buri about how he referred to him as “useless lumber” the first day they met and showcased that useless lumber, just like Xiang Ye, is not something to underestimate. Using the Useless Lumber Microwave, Xiang Ye manages to defeat Bushi, who Buri and Buno vow to avenge.

Buno watches as Buri is paired up with Yi Bei in the third match, and is infuriated to see that Yi Bei was not only more powerful than Buri in his dragon form but also managed to cut off his arm and slice through Buri’s torso. Infuriated at watching his brothers lose, Buno confronts Yi Bei in the arena and attempts to attack her but is stopped by his half-sister Tols Penny, who warns him not to embarrass himself and their family. Buno relents, but he shows his disdain for Penny by reminding her that she is a slave's child.

Tols Buno vs Al Modo[]

In the final battle of the Round of 16, Buno is paired with Al Modo, another student of the Forging Class. Despite Modo’s newfound knowledge of forging thanks to Xiang Ye, Buno proved himself the superior and bloodthirsty fighter by not only evading Modo’s attacks but destroying Modo’s machine in one punch. Despite the fight clearly being over, Buno is not satisfied and decides continuing to pummel Modo when he couldn’t fight back. Before Buno can kill Modo, he is stopped by the interference of the the Royal Academy’s headmaster Vasily Andre who declares Buno the winner. Despite his disappointment in the headmaster’s interference, Buno is satisfied knowing he harmed one of Xiang Ye’s friends.

Tols Buno vs Alex Eyr[]

In the second battle of the quarter finals, Buno is matched against Alex Eyr, a fellow student of the Close Combat Class who Buno has a one sided rivalry with. In his excitement, Buno leaps from the balcony and crashes into the ring. Once the battle commenced, Buno wastes no time in charging at Alex. Though Alex managed to block his attack, Buno is still strong enough to push Alex back, forcing Alex to use his boundary force to push Buno off. As the two attack each other, Alex unleashed his Electric Wind fist to attack Buno, who retaliated with his High Voltage fist to counter Alex’s attack. While the two continue their duel, the sheer force of their attacks begin to destroy the ring.

Surprised that Alex is still standing, Buno launches himself towards Alex again. While Alex blocks Buno’s punch again, Buno quickly channels his boundary force and punches Alex high into the air with his explosive strength punch. Believing he has won, Buno asks that they announce him the winner, only to be crushed by the weight of Alex’s boundary force as he falls back into the ring now engulfed in his fire boundary force. Usin his shadow strength to hold Buno down, Alex attacks Buno with his Heat Cyclone, crushing Buno and creating a crater the arena.

With his arms now horribly burned from his attack, Alex approaches the debris only to jump back as Buno emerges from the rubble now in his dragon form. Buno, having used his dragon form to survive Alex’s attack, commends Alex for managing to injure him and even putting a hole in Buno’s wing. Buno rises into the air and pushes Alex back with just the force of his wings from flying. Alex activates his fire boundary force and charges at Buno, but Buno, now faster with his wings, appears behind Alex, who barely manages to block Buno’s punch. While Alex is distracted, Buno grabs Alex by the face and skids his body across the arena. Alex manages to hault himself before he is thrown out of the arena, and jumping to the opposite side before Buno could attack him again. Buno taunts Alex as he dodged him, claiming his dragon form is stronger than his brothers. Buno then channels his Boundary force into his fist and launches it at Alex, knocking Alex back into the crater. While Alex is down, Buno begins to mercilessly pummel Alex.

Seeing as there is no other option, Alex activates his trump card that he originally wanted to use against Rennes. Alex engulfs his body with fire again, but with a different pattern on his body. Alex then grabbed Buno’s foot and overwhelms Buno with his flames, unable to extinguish the fire spreading on his body. With his body now faster than Buno, Alex manages to evade Buno’s attack and punches Buno in the air. Buno, using his wings stops his momentum and hovers above Alex, attacking him again with his Boundary Force. Alex in return activates his magma rupture, dispelling Buno’s attack and generating an ungodly amount of heat that pushes Buno back.

Alex gives Buno one last chance to surrender as he can’t guarantee that Buno will survive. Buno, insulted that a commoner would not only be able to injure him but to claim Buno was weaker than him, channels his boundary force to 100% power, giving his body a more muscular look and regrowing his wings. Buno channels all of his Boundary Force into one final attack at launches it at Alex. Alex overwhelms Buno with his most powerful attack, Magma Parting Skies, engulfing Buno in his flames. Buno then falls to the ground regressed back to his human form, horribly burned and defeated.


Royal Family[]

Brothers- Tols Buri and Tols Bushi are Buno’s older and younger brothers. They are just as greedy, corrupt and cruel as him. Buno’s brothers seem to be the only people Buno genuinely cares for as he is very protective of them and refuses to stand by as they are attacked. In one instance Buno even disregarded the rules of the Kingdom Cup Tournament when he wanted to attack Isabella after she defeated Buri in their match and was only stopped when he was scolded by his sister and Sophisas but swore revenge on Isabella and Xiang Ye.

Tols Penny- Penny is Buno’s younger half-sister though he does not acknowledge her as family as she is the daughter of his father’s slave and showed no concern for her well being, even insulted that a slave’s child would interfere with his revenge.

Tols Rennes- Rennes is Buno’s uncle. Like his brothers, Buno holds great fear towards his uncle for his power and higher authority and will usually submit to his will and overwhelming power. When Rennes was crippled Buno took great pleasure in bullying and humiliating Rennes as revenge for his treatment.

Royal Academy[]

Alex ”Eli” Ayr- Eli was a fellow student of the Close Combat Class and Buno’s one sided rival as the two were both considered the strongest of their class. Eli seems to be the only person that Buno has ever acknowledged as a worthy opponent though he still held himself in higher regard towards Eli for his commoner status. When Eli proved himself to be a more capable fighter than Buno, he lashed out in rage that a commoner would be more powerful than him.

Xiang Ye/Yi Bei- Buno has a personal grudge against the married couple for not only interfering with their embezzlement but for defeating his brothers in the Kingdom Cup Tournament. When Yi Bei went as far as to slice off Buri’s right arm, Buno completely diregarded the rules of the tournament to avenge Buri.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a member of the Royal family and second son of the Regent, Buno possesses exceptional authority in the Capital. Buno also owns an abundance of wealth as well as command over the Dragon Knights (specifically the Purple Dragon Knights).

Boundary Force: Buno's Boundary Force is more powerful than either of his brothers, with even Isabella noting that she would not have been able to take Buno's punch if he was not stopped by Tols Penny. His body is also agile enough to outmaneuver bullets without the need of his Dragon form. By channeling his Boundary Force, Buno is able to dish out much stronger attacks. It should be noted that while he is the strongest of his brothers, he still pales in comparison to his teacher Yaso, his uncle Tols Rennes, or his father Tols Angus. Buno's main element of Boundary Force he uses in combat is Electric type.

Close Combat: Buno is apart of the Close Combat class and was believed to be the strongest out of that class by both his teacher and Isabella Osa. Isabella was the first to realize and point out that he was far stronger than his siblings. During his fight against Alex "Eli" Ayr. Buno proved to be a very powerful combatant able to fight on equal terms and later began to overwhelm Eli. His fighting style is aggressive as he usually will use his full power to dominate his opponents into submission.

  • High Voltage Fist: Buno places his fists on the ground and channels Electric type Boundary Force. Buno then releases a shockwave of lightning. This technique was first used to disperse Eli's electric wind fist attack.
  • Explosive Strength Punch: Buno lunges at his opponent and delivers a fatal punch infused with Boundary Force that sends them flying hundreds if not thousands of feet into the sky.

Dragon Form: As a male member of the Royal family, Buno possess the ability to transform into a half dragon hybrid. This form allows the user to greatly enhance their physical and magical power upwards to 10 times their base form although this varies from person to person. Buno was forced to use his Dragon form in order to survive one of Eli’s strongest attacks and came out nearly unscathed. Unlike his other two siblings his dragon form came with wings, giving him the ability to fly, and proved to be more powerful than theirs. In his Dragon form, he was able to blow his opponent away with just a mere flap of his wings and quickly started to gain the advantage.

  • Flying Explosive Strength Punch: Similar to his base attack, though he is able to launch his Boundary Force as a projectile. It can be fired in sets of three or four.
  • Full Power Flying Explosive Strength Punch: Buno's most powerful attack. By channeling his full power, Buno launches a larger Flying Explosive Strength Punch at his opponent. This was first seen in his last ditch effort to defeat Eli.