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Tols Buri is the first son of the Regent Tols Angus and a member of the Royal family. He is a student of the Royal Academy in the Swordsmanship class, and a supporting antagonist of My Wife is a Demon Queen. He serves as the main antagonist of the Royal Academy Arc and a major antagonist of the Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc.


Buri is a highly smug, brazen, entitled, and devious young man. Buri enjoys showing off and mocking those he deems lesser than himself, even flat out ignoring people off lesser status than him who try to converse with him. Buri is also the most perverted of his siblings as he continuously harassed Yi Bei to make her his mistress despite her clear indication of her disgust for him. Buri cannot accept anyone of lower status to be more powerful than himself as he flew into rage when Yi Bei proved to be the superior fighter in their match. When faced with someone of higher status and power than himself such as his uncle Tols Rennes, he will cower in fear. Despite these negative traits he has proven to be a sharp-witted young man. Mostly during his interactions with Sophisas.


Royal Family[]

Tols Angus- Tols Angus is Buri’s father who Buri greatly admires as well as fears. Buri takes after Angus in being amoral, corrupt and greedy, though Angus looks down on his son for his disrespect towards his superiors and will even threaten to kill his son if he embarrasses him again.

Tols Brothers- Tols Buno and Tols Bushi are Buri’s younger brothers who are just as entitled and greedy as he is. Buri’s brothers seem to be the only people he genuinely cares for as he will not sit back and let anyone harm or mock them, as seen when he vowed to avenge Bushi when Xiang Ye nearly killed him.


Tols Rennes- Tols Rennes is Buri’s uncle and fellow student of the Royal Academy.  Rennes seems to be the only other person Buri genuinely fears, due to Rennes have a far more powerful boundary force and higher authority within the kingdom. Whenever the Tols brothers commit any treacherous acts Rennes will threaten them by overwhelming them with his boundary force, making them submit to his will. After Rennes was crippled by Xiang Ye, Buri took great pleasure in bullying Rennes now that he was a shell of his former self.


Royal Academy[]

Xiang Ye- Xiang Ye is a student of the Royal academy of the forging class and arguably Buri’s archenemy during his time in the Academy. Buri thought nothing of Xiang Ye as he was a commoner with no Boundary Force, even going as far as regarding him as “useless lumber” who was not worthy of attending the academy. Even flat out ignoring Xiang Ye whenever he spoke to Buri. He was however jealous that Xiang Ye was married to Yi Bei (Isabella), who Buri lusted after. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament, Buri was aggravated that Xiang Ye was able to defeat Bushi and was called out by Xiang Ye for underestimating him, vowing revenge on Xiang Ye.


Isabella (Yi Bei)- Isabella, under the name Yi Bei, was another student of the swordsmanship class who Buri was immediately attracted to, though held her in low regard for her commoner status. When she was tested to attend the swordsmanship class, Buri volunteered so he could humiliate her by cutting her clothing. Isabella however proved to be a more formidable opponent which caused Buri to use his boundary force to fend off against her. When the two reunite during the Battle for the Forging stones, Buri tries to convince Isabella to side with him and be his mistress, an offer that Isabella did not hesitate to reject.


When the two face off again in the Kingdom Cup Tournament, Buri greatly underestimates her again and barley has time to block Isabella’s attack. When he transforms into his dragon form, he believes he has the advantage and offers her again to be his mistress, and that she’d have more fun with him than with her “useless lumber” husband. When Isabella proves to be far stronger than Buri, even in his dragon form, Buri refuses to believe that a peasant would have greater power than him, and tries to kill Isabella, though he fails anticlimactically.


Buri is a lean medium build young man. Shown to be slightly taller than Xiang Ye. He has long red-hair that stretches pass his waist, with red eyes and eyebrows to match. Wearing a turtleneck button up white shirt with golden-yellow cuffs and a burgundy red long sleeve shirt underneath. He keeps the shirt tucked in his waist draped kilt with a golden-yellow sash and two brown belts.


Royal Academy Arc[]

He is first introduced in chapter 7. Waiting to greet his father Tols Angus with a welcoming party. Instead he meets the White Dragon Knights, lead by Commander Sophisas. Sophisas demands an explanation regarding why the King changed tactics when the White Dragon Knights were suppose to sign a treaty between the human and demon tribes, which Buri brushes off, just as Sophisas's father Guro Dita arrives questioning whether it was the King's decision or the Regent's decision. When his father arrives moments later, he threatens his son Buri to not embarrass him, which made Buri coward away.

Tols Buri isn't seen again until chapter 17 when his teacher Dorona fights with Magic teacher Wadley Aisi over who may use the training space. When two newcomers arrive at the training grounds he is disappointed to see them stop the fight between the teachers, though he is attracted to Yi Bei. Yi Bei is tested for her Boundary Force aptitude he is shocked by her overwhelming power. When Yi Bei expresses her interests in the Swordsmanship Class, Tols Buri volunteers to be her opponent, but is prohibited by Dorona from using his Boundary Force.


Once the battle commences, Buri makes no hesitation to strike Yi Bei's clothes. Though Yi Bei is able to fend off his attacks, Buri manages to cut Yi Bei's bra. When Yi Bei starts to go on the offensive, Buri realizes that Yi Bei is a much more sturdy opponent. Buri imbues his sword with his Boudary Force and launches a sword projectile at Yi Bei. Having watched their battle from the side, a student from the Magic Class as well as the uncle of Buri, Tols Rennes intervenes in their fight by creating an ice shield to block Buri's attack and carries Yi Bei to safety.

Dorona scolds Buri for using Boundary Force, though Buri tries to insist it was self defense. He is then surprised when he hears that Yi Bei was taught by the God of Swords Mochia and that other newcomer Xiang Ye revealed Yi Bei was his wife. After Yi Bei showcased her skills to the teachers, Xiang Ye stepped up to be tested, but was disappointed to discover he had no aptitude for Boundary Force, which Tols Buri mocked Xiang Ye for and referred to him as "useless lumber". When Yi Bei stood up for him, he scowled at her.

Battle for the Forging Stones[]

Tols Buri reappears in chapter 43 alongside his brothers Tols Bushi and Tols Buno, discussing their plans to raise the prices for the alloy stones, revealing their involvement in the Purple Dragon Knights embezzlement. He is later shown accompanying his brothers, confronting Xiang Ye and the teacher of the Forging Class Ashtone Martin who apprehended Refinery teacher Yalu for his crimes. Martin accuses the Commander of the Purple Dragon Knights as well as the princes of embezzlement.


The group ignore his allegations and instead accuse Martin and the students of mining the alloy stones without authorization. When Xiang Ye directly accuses Buri for his involvement, Buri notices Yi Bei with the group and ignores Xiang Ye. Tols Buri tries to convince Yi Bei to side with him and be his woman instead of Xiang Ye, promising her wealth in return, but Yi Bei ignores him. Buri orders the Purple Dragon Knights that are present to apprehend everyone involved in acquiring alloy stones.


Before the Purple Dragon Knights can apprehend Xiang Ye and his friends, Dorona & Aisi the swordsmanship and magic teachers of the Royal Academy, as well as Sophisas and Tols Rennes. Sophisas informs the Tols brothers that the King had caught word of Martin's actions and requested an audience with everyone involved. When the brothers refuse to back down, Rennes scolds and overwhelms his nephews with his Boundary Force as a warning to never embarrass their royal family name again. Dorona then scolds Buri for skipping out on his classes and slaps him a few times as punishment.

The Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc[]


A few weeks following the Battle for the Forging Stones, Buri is selected as one of five students to represent the Swordsmanship Class in the Kingdom Cup Tournament.

Round 1: The Cross Country Race[]

In the first category of the tournament, Buri teams up with his brothers to cross the Lake of Sound by using Bushi’s slime to shield them from any dangers. Thanks to the slime they are able to slip past the Void King of the Lake of Sound while it attacked the other students, granting them the lead.


As they entered the second location, the Fallen Forest, the three brothers take the opportunity to set fire to the forest to lure out and attack the other students, in order to secure their lead as well as get revenge on Xiang Ye for his interference in their embezzlement from before.

As the Tols brothers make their way through the third location, the Windy Valley, they are ambushed by a group of Rock Golems. Unable to fight the golems in the environment, they are saved by the arrival of their uncle Rennes, who deduces that it was them who was responsible for the forest fire in the last location. After saving their lives and taking the lead from them, Rennes threatens the trio not to pull a stunt like that again, leaving the brothers to cower in place.

Having lost the lead, the Tols brothers press on through the fourth location, the Fire-Red Sand River. As the brothers try to bear the heat of the desert, Buri demands that Bushi use his slime to protect them from the heat, but Bushi admits he is unable to as his slime is weak towards extreme levels of heat. While the brothers continue to walk they notice two vehicles catching up to them. The vehicles pass by them, revealed to be the other students lead by Xiang Ye. Buri orders them to take Buri and his brothers with them but Xiang Ye ignores him, much to Buri’s fury. As the group drive away, Bushi pulls out a piece of his slime and latches it on to the vehicle, to sabotage them.

In the final location of the Cross Country Race, the Kingdom Ridge, the Tols Brothers catch up to Xiang Ye and his group on a bird made from Bushi’s slime and shows them the tokens they stole from them with the slime he latched on to their vehicle earlier. The brothers face off against Xiang Ye and his group to retrieve their tokens, with Xiang Ye’s weapons being the only thing able to fend off against the three. Just as Buri moves to strike Xiang, Ye he is saved by Yi Bei who has stayed behind to help him. While the group are distracted, Bushi creates a giant hammer out of his slime and destroy’s the mountain top that everyone is standing on. As the group falls, the brothers make it through the portal, leaving the others to fall to their deaths.

Having finished the race with his brothers, Buri mocks the other students about Yi Bei and Xiang Ye’s supposed demise in the Kingdom Ridge and sadistically taunts them about how they won’t even find their bodies. Eli, having learned what Buri did while he crossed through the portal, lunges at Buri, but is stopped by Sophisas as Yi Bei and Xiang Ye cross the finish line, both alive.

Round 2: The Elimination Battles[]

After securing his placement in the top 16 students of the race, Buri along with his brothers move on to the second category of the tournament, the elimination battles. Buri watched from the side with Buno as their younger brother Bushi was set to fight Xiang Ye. As their fight continued to drag on Buri became more infuriated that Xiang Ye was still standing. After Xiang Ye managed to trap Bushi in his useless lumber microwave, he calls out Buri about how he referred to him as “useless lumber” the first day they met and showcased that useless lumber, just like Xiang Ye, is not something to underestimate. Using the Useless Lumber Microwave, Xiang Ye manages to defeat Bushi, who Buri and Buno vow to avenge.

Tols Buri vs Yi Bei[]


Buri is paired up with Yi Bei in the Round of 16 battles, and just like before completely underestimated her. With his guard down, Buri suggests she forfeit as compensation for her husband defeating his brother, but Yi Bei completely ignores him and wastes no time in striking at Buri, making him cough up blood, despite barely managing to block her sword.

As their battle continues, Yi Bei proves herself the superior swordsman, causing Buri to transform into his dragon form in order to match her in combat. Buri, now believing he has the advantage over Yi Bei, offers to make her his mistress if she surrenders and that she would have more fun with him than with her “useless lumber” husband. As Buri goes in for the finishing blow, Yi Bei activates her Demonic Boundary Force and blocks Buri’s sword with little effort.

Isabella defeats Buri

Realizing that Yi Bei is far more powerful than he is, Buri becomes hysterical and attacks Yi Bei in desperation with his Dragon Piercing Slash. Yi Bei counters Buri’s attack, slicing his sword in half, severing Buri’s right arm, and leaving a gapping wound in his torso. Buri falls unconscious as he transforms back to his human body, defeated.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a member of the Royal family and first born son of the Regent, Buri possesses exceptional authority in the Capital. Buri also owns an abundance of wealth as well as command over the Dragon Knights (specifically the Purple Dragon Knights).

Swordsmanship: Tols Buri is a student of the Swordsmanship class and has shown to be a somewhat capable and powerful swordsman, albeit lazy. He is also agile enough to keep up with Yi Bei, though he is rather incompetent compared to most of his class as he usually has his guard down and underestimates his opponents. While his boundary force is stronger than average, Buri is still considerably weak compared to his younger brother Tols Buno. Most of his capabilities are shown during his battles against Isabella (under the name Yi Bei). Buri is shown to be quick on his feet. Able to react and defend against most of her attacks, granted with great effort on his part though. Buri is shown to be strong enough in his human form to push back Yi Bei. It should be noted that he used his Boundary force to do this and that Isabella was incapable of using hers during their first fight at the time.

Dragon Form: As a male member of the Royal family, Buri possess the ability to transform into a half dragon hybrid. This form allows the user to greatly enhance their physical and magical power upwards to 10 times their base form although this varies from person to person. Buri is also able to imbue his weapons with his dragon power, making them much stronger than normal weapons. In his dragon form, Buri was able to force Yi Bei back and make her resort to using her Demon Boundary Force.

  • Piercing Dragon Slash: While utilizing his dragon form, Buri channels his Boundary Force into his sword and holds his sword above his head, with the tip of the blade pointing down at his opponent, stabbing the opponent from above. Buri used this attack in his attempt to defeat Yi Bei, though it proved to be ineffective.