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“Take a good look kid. You managed to survive everything so far, but I won’t let you live any longer.”

-Tols Bushi to Xiang Ye


Tols Bushi is the third son of the Regent Tols Angus, and a member of the Royal family. He is a student of the Royal Academy in the Refinery class, and a supporting antagonist of My Wife is a Demon Queen. He serves as a supporting antagonist along with his siblings in the Royal Academy Arc and a major antagonist of the Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc.


Bushi has been shown to be a overconfident, entitled, slightly unreasonable, disrespectful, and cruel person.Mostly to those he deems beneath him (and his family). Only displaying cowardliness around individuals stronger than him or when in a situation where he may loose his life.


Royal Family[]



Tols Buri and Tols Buno are Bushi’s older brothers. They are just as greedy, corrupt and cruel as him. His brothers seem to be the only people Bushi genuinely cares for as he is very protective of them and will join them in whatever mischief they cause.

Tols Rennes-


Rennes is Bushi’s uncle. Like his brothers, Bushi holds great fear towards his uncle for his power and higher authority and will usually submit to his will and overwhelming power. When Rennes was crippled Bushi took great pleasure in bullying and humiliating Rennes as revenge for his treatment, and was disappointed that Xiang Ye stopped him before he could cause any more damage.

Royal Academy[]



Yalu is Bushi’s refinery student as well as his most favored. Yalu is just as greedy and entitled as his students and usually gives Bushi and his brothers leeway whenever they cause any problems within the academy, even assisting them in their embezzlement crimes when he could benefit from it. Bushi seems close enough to Yalu that he promised to kill Xiang Ye for him during the Kingdom Cup Tournament as revenge for his defeat and humiliation in the Battle for the Forging Stones.

Xiang Ye- Due to his noble birth and privileged lifestyle, Bushi has a prejudice towards commoners, and Xiang Ye, a commoner from the Forgery Class of the Royal Academy, was no exception. Bushi held a more personal disdain towards Xiang Ye for his actions against Bushi and his brothers and his teacher Yalu in the Battle for the Forging Stones. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament, Bushi personally tried to kill Xiang Ye during the first category’s race by setting fire to the Fallen Forest and in the Kingdom Ridge when he used his giant slime hammer to knock him off the mountain edge. When the two were matched together in the second category of battles, Bushi continuously underestimated Xiang Ye, allowing him to control most of the fight and easily fall for Xiang Ye’s traps. Following the end of the tournament, Bushi has a newfound fear as well as hatred for Xiang Ye for nearly killing him.


He is a young man with a lean medium build with red cropped hair and eyes(with freckles on his face). He wears a blue fur collar jacket with Velcro straps closures. And a long sleeved red-shirt underneath. He has white-jogger like pants with the cuffs tucked in his shoes. And a black belt.


Royal Academy Arc[]


Tols Bushi is first seen in chapter 43 alongside his brothers Tols Buri and Tols Buno, discussing their plans to raise the prices for the alloy stones, revealing their involvement in the Purple Dragon Knights embezzlement. He is later shown accompanying his brothers, confronting Xiang Ye and the teacher of the Forging Class Ashtone Martin who apprehended Refinery teacher Yalu for his crimes. Martin accuses the Commander of the Purple Dragon Knights as well as the princes of embezzlement. The group ignore his allegations and instead accuse Martin and the students of mining the alloy stones without authorization. They order the Purple Dragon Knights that are present to apprehend everyone involved in acquiring alloy stones.

Before the Purple Dragon Knights can apprehend Xiang Ye and his friends, Dorona & Aisi the swordsmanship and magic teachers of the Royal Academy, as well as Sophisas and Tols Rennes. Sophisas informs the Tols brothers that the King had caught word of Martin's actions and requested an audience with everyone involved. When the brothers refuse to back down, Rennes scolds and overwhelms his nephews with his Boundary Force as a warning to never embarrass their royal family name again.

The Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc[]

A few weeks following the Battle for the Forging Stones, Bushi is selected as one of five students to represent the Refinery Class in the Kingdom Cup Tournament.

Round 1: The Cross Country Race[]


In the first category of the tournament, Bushi teams up with his brothers to cross the Lake of Sound by using Bushi’s slime to shield them from any dangers. Thanks to the slime they are able to slip past the Void King of the Lake of Sound while it attacked the other students, granting them the lead.

As they entered the second location, the Fallen Forest, the three brothers take the opportunity to set fire to the forest to lure out it’s monsters and attack the other students, in order to secure their lead as well as get revenge on Xiang Ye for his interference in their embezzlement from before.

As the Tols brothers make their way through the third location, the Windy Valley, they are ambushed by a group of Rock Golems. Bushi suggests they transform to combat the environment but Buno advises against this as it will only drain them and will make them too exhausted against future enemies. Unable to fight the golems in the environment, they are saved by the arrival of their uncle Rennes, who deduces that it was them who was responsible for the forest fire in the last location. After saving their lives and taking the lead from them, Rennes threatens the trio not to pull a stunt like that again, leaving the brothers to cower in place.

Having lost the lead, the Tols brothers press on through the fourth location, the Fire-Red Sand River. As the brothers try to bear the heat of the desert, Buri demands that Bushi use his slime to protect them from the heat, but Bushi admits he is unable to as his slime is weak towards extreme levels of heat. While the brothers continue to walk they notice two vehicles catching up to them. The vehicles pass by them, revealed to be the other students lead by Xiang Ye. Buri orders them to take Buri and his brothers with them but Xiang Ye ignores him, much to Buri’s fury. As the group drive away, Bushi pulls out a piece of his slime and latches it on to the vehicle, to sabotage them.


In the final location of the Cross Country Race, the Kingdom Ridge, the Tols Brothers catch up to Xiang Ye and his group on a bird made from Bushi’s slime and shows them the tokens they stole from them with the slime he latched on to their vehicle earlier. The brothers face off against Xiang Ye and his group to retrieve their tokens, with Xiang Ye’s weapons being the only thing able to fend off against the three. To prevent anyone from crossing the finish line before them, Bushi sets up a larger barrier to entrap the other students. While the group are distracted, Bushi creates a giant hammer out of his slime and destroy’s the mountain top that everyone is standing on. As the group falls, the brothers make it through the portal, leaving the others to fall to their deaths. He is disappointed however when Xiang Ye and his group make it back alive.

Round 2: The Elimination Battles[]

After securing his placement in the top 16 students of the race, Buri along with his brothers move on to the second category of the tournament, the elimination battles. Bushi is matched with Xiang Ye in the first fight of the Round of 16 battles. As the two make their way towards the arena, Bushi commends Xiang Ye for making it as far as he has, but assured him that he doesn’t plan on letting him leave the arena alive.


As the fight begins Bushi utilizes his acidic purple and explosive orange slime which Xiang Ye effortlessly blocks. Xiang Ye then forges a vehicle with built in guns drives around the arena while firing at Bushi, who blocks his bullets with his slime. Now able to fight at full power, Bushi launches a tidal wave of slime spikes at Xiang Ye. Xiang Ye in response transforms his vehicle into a subterrene, blocking Bushi’s spikes and sprouting a drill from his vehicle. Xiang Ye charges straight at Bushi. Bushi’s slime barrier is able to hault Xiang Ye’s drill but is unable to stop the subterrene from pushing him back, realizing that Xiang Ye intends to ring Bushi out. Xiang Ye then jumps back as Bushi and the subterrene are pushed out of the arena. With his back towards Bushi, Bushi grabs Xiang Ye by the neck with his slime, revealing he used his slime to latch on to the wall and keep his body from technically touching the outside of the arena. Xiang Ye then quickly uses his pen to create fire.


Realizing Bushi’s weakness, Xiang Ye pulls out a summoning scroll and summons a boulder. Bushi, believing Xiang Ye is trying to forge, lunges at Xiang Ye and destroys the Boulder with his slime tentacles. Xiang Ye steps back and forges a dome to shield him from Bushi. Bushi destroys the dome but is surprised when he sees Xiang Ye dug a tunnel to the other side of the arena to avoid him. As Bushi charges at Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye forges a larger dome from the circle he drew with his subterrene, trapping Bushi. Unable to penetrate the dome as the surface was made of Red Iron, Bushi realizes that Xiang Ye had already planned for his attacks. Xiang Ye then reminds Bushi about the boulder he destroyed earlier, and that it was not meant for forging. Bushi notices the remains of the boulder and notices the bombs inside. The bombs explode and Bushi is unable to escape from the blast.

Xiang Ye, believing that Bushi was dead, asked Sophisas to call the match, until he saw the dome start to shake. Bushi, having survived the explosion, bursts from the dome in his dragon form, covered in a black slime, surprising Xiang Ye. Bushi reveals he survived thanks to the black slime, known as the Dragon Crystal slime, and by feeding off his blood, Bushi is ten times more resilient and stronger than before.


To test this, Xiang Ye forges a pair of Gatling guns. The Dragon Crystal slime then spreads over the rest of Bushi’s body, ricocheting the bullets off Bushi’s body. Now more powerful than before, Bushi uses the Dragon Crystal Slime to destroy Xiang Ye’s weapons. Xiang Ye, to defend himself, forges another shield made of red iron, which Bushi destroys with little effort. While distracted, Xiang Ye forges another gun that shoots out a sticky substance that immobilizes Bushi. While restrained, Xiang Ye fires 4 miniature bombs, destroying the ring from under Bushi and falling towards a black substance underneath. Just as Bushi breaks free, Xiang Ye lunges at the hole and forges on to the black substance. Bushi attempts to pierce Xiang Ye but is entrapped once again by Xiang Ye by the black substance, revealed to be useless lumber he placed in the ring when he dug the tunnel to escape from Bushi earlier.


Bushi attempts to break free by destroying the useless lumber, but is surprised to see that his attacks have no effect, as Xiang Ye points out it cannot be destroyed. Having entrapped Bushi in his “Useless Lumber Microwave” Xiang Ye showcases to the people and Tols Buri the true power of useless lumber. After activating the microwave, the heat from inside increases and the Dragon Crystal slime begins to eat away at Bushi’s blood to stay intact, but begins to dissolve. In agony from the heat and from the slime draining Bushi of his blood, Bushi attempts to surrender but is unable to speak as the oxygen disappears.


Not wanting to take the chance of Bushi playing dead, and against the demands of Yalu, Xiang Ye refuses to free Bushi unless he hears Bushi surrender. The Headmaster of the Royal Academy, Vasily Andre, then emerges from behind Xiang Ye, pointing out that Bushi did surrender. Vasily frees Bushi from the Useless lumber microwave, with his body reverted back to his human form, now horribly burned and drained. Vasily then declares Xiang Ye the winner of the round as Buri and Buno vow vengeance on Xiang Ye.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a member of the Royal family and third born son of the Regent, Bushi possesses exceptional authority in the Capital. Bushi also owns an abundance of wealth as well as command over the Dragon Knights (specifically the Purple Dragon Knights).

Refinery: Bushi is a student of the Refinery class. Like his teacher, he relies on the Slimes he possesses for battle. By manipulating the slime with his boundary force, the slime affords him more versatility and mobility both inside and outside of battle, even strengthening his slime. While the slime gives him great power, it cannot withstand extreme levels of heat and will disolve if exposed to any, such as fire or environments with little to no precipitation.

Bushi’s most frequently used slime. Bushi can create a variety of objects out of ice to be used for offensive, defensive or miscellaneous purposes.

  • Slime Barrier: Bushi manipulates his slime to block any incoming attacks. Bushi can also increase the size and strength of his barrier to trap multiple enemies. Bushi does not need to consciously activate his barrier as it reacts on its own to shield himself.
  • Slime Bird: Bushi creates a large bird made from his slime that can carry him and transport him over large distances.
  • Slime Hammer: Bushi’s most powerful attack. Bushi creates a large hammer made from his slime, then drops it with great force.
  • Slime Spear Wave: Bushi creates a large amount of slime in the shape of spears and launches it at his opponent.
  • Slime Spider: Bushi produces multiple appendages made from his slime in the shape of spider legs, that can be used for mobility and attacks.

A black slime found in the Dragon Cave, where the dragons nested. The slime is parasitic in nature, feeding off the blood of any organism that it comes into contact with. After being refined, the slime increases the attack and defensive power of it's host, making them practically immune to any physical attacks. In Bushi's Dragon form, the effects of the slime are increased tenfold, making Bushi impenetrable to explosions and bullets. He was also strong enough to tear through red-steel.

  • Dragon Crystal Spear: Using one or both of his arms, Bushi forms the Dragon Crystal Slime on his body in the shape of spears, then elongates them to strike his opponents.
  • Dragon Crystal Explosion: Bushi conjures an offensive explosion like spell, though it is unclear if this is another variant of slime or an ability he can use while in his dragon form. Bushi used this technique in an attempt to destroy Xiang Ye’s Useless Lumber Microwave, but had no effect.

  • Orange Slime: A slime with explosive properties.
  • Purple Slime: A slime with corrosive properties similar to acid.

Dragon Form: As a male member of the Royal family, Bushi possess the ability to transform into a half dragon hybrid. This form allows the user to greatly enhance their physical and magical power upwards to 10 times their base form although this varies from person to person. As he is mostly seen using his slime to battle, Bushi can be considered the physically weakest of his siblings.