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“There are three reasons as to why you have to die.... Firstly, you disrespected my authority as a prince and mocked my status! Secondly, you imitated my abilities, with the intention to declare battle! Thirdly! Scum like you aren't suited to be with an outstanding girl like Yi Bei."

-Rennes to Xiang Ye.


Tols Rennes is a member of the royal family, and a student at the Royal Academy in the Magic Class, and widely considered the most gifted prodigy of the royal family as well as the Academy. He is the main antagonist during the Kingdom Cup Tournament arc. Rennes was infatuated by Yi Bei and sought to covet her despite her marriage to Xiang Ye. Believing Xiang Ye to be an obstacle, he challenged Xiang Ye to a death match in the finals of the tournament so that he could kill him.


While initially appearing honorable and noble, Rennes is in truth presumptuous and egocentric. He doesn't brag about his abilities, but he does disdain seemingly talentless people like Xiang Ye. Rennes is also hypocritical, as though he often scolds and threatens his nephews for their greed and amoral behavior, he himself is just as proud, entitled, and unprincipled for his desire to covet a married woman, and murder her husband. He does not like to be told "no" (Which has been seen with his multiple advances towards Isabella) as he is used to getting his way because of his talent and position as a prince. Although he is extremely adept at casting spells, he is a menace to both friend and foe, as he casts powerful spells without any regard for innocents. He absolutely hates it when someone is able to even scratch him, retaliating with the most powerful spells at his disposal. These traits seem to stem from a God complex. During his fight with Xiang Ye, Rennes becomes increasingly unstable with rage, laughing like a lunatic while screaming insults at Xiang Ye. Xiang Ye exploits this by taunting Rennes and luring him into his trap, defeating him.

After his defeat at Xiang Ye's hand (as well as the permanent scarring of his body), Rennes has fallen into a deep state of depression, becoming a victim of bullying for those who he belittled.


Tols Family: Rennes was originally an outcast among his family due to his lineage and dangerous power. After he was able to hone his abilities he gain great respect, admiration, as well as fear among the royals. While Rennes holds his brother Angus in high regards he looks down on his nephews Buri, Bushi, and Buno as he considers them embarrassments to their family because of their greed and abuse of power. Rennes does not seem to care for their well being, and does not seem to hold any familial attachment to them. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament, when Rennes discovered his nephews were responsible for endangering the lives of the other contestants he threatened to kill them should they ever do something similar again.

Yi Bei: Like everyone else at the academy, Rennes was infatuated with Yi Bei for her beauty and power, though unlike most people he tried to be more respective towards her. Despite knowing she was married to Xiang Ye, he continued to court Yi Bei on multiple occasions which Yi Bei always rejected. This only angered Rennes as he was always use to getting what he wanted and was jealous that someone like Yi Bei was with Xiang Ye. During the final battle in the Tournament, Rennes challenged Xiang Ye to a death match, making no secret of his intentions of killing Xiang Ye so that he could covet Yi Bei.

Xiang Ye: At first Rennes did not think much of Xiang Ye and only regarded him as “useless lumber” but was jealous of his relationship with Yi Bei. The two however would form a rivalry during the Kingdom Cup Tournament. After witnessed Xiang Ye defeat Bushi in the first round of the tournament, Rennes began to fear that Xiang Ye might be his match and attempted to get Xiang Ye to drop out of the tournament. Xiang Ye felt insulted by his attempts and swore to defeat Rennes in the finals of the tournament which further infuriated Rennes. When the two met again in the arena Rennes challenged Xiang Ye to a death match as he believed Xiang Ye disrespected and insulted him as a prince and a magician, as well as wanting to take Yi Bei for himself. As they fought Rennes’s determination to kill Xiang Ye became his obsession the longer their fight continued. He became increasingly unstable and reckless as he refused to treat Xiang Ye as a serious opponent. This would be his downfall as his overconfidence and recklessness in his fight with Xiang Ye resulted in his defeat. After his defeat and losing his sight and his arm, Rennes holds no ill will towards Xiang Ye as he admits that his current state was his own doing.


At the beginning of the series, he is shown to be tall and handsome, with many of the female characters commenting on his looks. He has long black hair with blue eyes. His attire mainly consists of a blue coat with shoulder guards and a gold belt over a black shirt and black pants. with gold plated boots.

In his dragon form his appearance is more humanoid than most of the royal family's dragon forms, with blue scales, horns, a pale white face and torso as well as a tail and wings.

However, his battle with Xiang Ye left him blind, emaciated and missing his right arm.


Royal Academy Arc[]

Rennes is first introduced in chapter 18 reading while his teacher Wadley Aisi fights with Swordsmanship teacher Dorona over who may use the training space. Rennes begins paying attention when he notices two newcomers who are tested to determine which class they would join. Rennes is impressed and infatuated when he see the power displayed by Yi Bei. Later he intervenes in the fight with Yi Bei and Buri when the young royal cheats in their sparring match by using boundary force. He carries Yi Bei to safety and is surprised when he discovers her marriage to Xiang Ye.

He appears again in chapter 44 when he defends the forging class from his nephews and the purple dragon knights. Rennes scolded and overwhelmed his nephews with his Boundary Force as a warning to never embarrass their royal family name again.

Kingdom Cup Tournament Arc[]

A few weeks following the Battle for the Forging Stones, Rennes is selected as one of five students to represent the Magic Class in the Kingdom Cup Tournament, and is the favored contestant to win.

Round 1: The Cross Country Race[]

In the first category of the tournament, Rennes asks Isabella if she wants to cross the Lake of Sound together but is immediately shot down as she favored her husband. Xiang Ye even mocks Rennes for trying to covet a married woman. Irritated by Xiang Ye’s words and Yi Bei’s rejection, Rennes uses his earth magic to create a floating tablet to cross the lake. As he takes the lead, Rennes encounters the guardian of the Lake, the Void King who he defeats by conjuring a tornado to send the Aquatic monster flying into the air. Rennes takes off before the Void King returns.

After entering the second location, Rennes is surprised to see the Forgotten Forest was set on fire, deducing that someone had taken the lead from him. Rennes managed to escape the burning forest but did nothing to put it out, allowing it to spread to the entire forest.

As Rennes makes his way to the third location, the Windy Valley, Rennes finds his nephews the Tols Brothers being attacked by Rock Golems. Rennes swiftly defeats the Golems and claims the tokens from them. Rennes quickly deduces it was his nephews who were responsible for the forest fire in the last location. After saving their lives and taking the lead from them, Rennes threatens the trio not to pull a stunt like that again, leaving the brothers to cower in place.

Making his way through the fourth location, the Red-Fire Sand River, Rennes is overwhelmed by the humidity of the desert and is barely able to cross the desert with his boundary force, though he still manages to cross the desert first.

In the final location of the Kingdom Ridge, Rennes scales the Moon Mountain to make it to the finish line but is surprised to see Xiang Ye and his group, with the assistance of Xiang He’s helicopter, make it to the top before he did.

Thanks to the interference of his nephews, Rennes is the third student to cross the finish line, but secures first place after gathered the most amount of tokens.

Round 2: The Elimination Battles[]

After securing his placement in the top 16 students of the race, Rennes advances to the second category of the tournament, the elimination battles. Rennes watched from the side with his family as his youngest nephew Bushi was set to fight Xiang Ye. As their fight continued to drag on Rennes became surprised at how fast Xiang Ye managed to develop his forging ability. After Xiang Ye managed to trap Bushi in his useless lumber microwave, he calls out Buri about how he referred to him as “useless lumber” the first day they met and showcased that useless lumber, just like Xiang Ye, is not something to underestimate. Using the Useless Lumber Microwave, Xiang Ye manages to defeat Bushi. While everyone cheered for Xiang Ye’s victory, Rennes does not.

After witnessing his victory against Tols Bushi, Rennes visited Xiang Ye in the middle of the night. He told Xiang Ye that his abilities while commendable, are not suited for battle, and offered Xiang Ye a position in the army as a sergeant if he were to drop out of the tournament. Xiang Ye, insulted by Rennes, refused his offer and promised he would win the tournament. Rennes warns Xiang Ye that should they meet in battle, he will not hold back. Xiang Ye however laughs at Rennes and calls him out on why he really doesn't want to fight him. Xiang Ye believes Rennes is actually afraid of him and might lose to Xiang Ye. Infuriated at Xiang Ye's words, Rennes unleashes his boundary force to intimidate Xiang Ye, but Xiang Ye does not summit to Rennes. Before Rennes has a chance to do anything else, they are interrupted by the arrival of Forging teacher Ashtone Martin and Dragon Knight Commander Sophisas. Sophisas reminds Rennes that all battles can only be done in the ring. As Rennes walks away, Xiang Ye vows to defeat him.

Tols Rennes vs. Zhou Lun Tana[]

In the fifth match of the Round of 16, Rennes is set to battle Zhou Lun Tana, the best student of the Archery Class. Rennes encouraged his opponent to give up since he claimed she had no chance of winning against him. She declined his request to forfeit and wasted no time in attacking Rennes. Rennes effortlessly blocked her attacks with his shield spells. Unable to pierce his shields with her attacks, Zhou used her most powerful Archery spell to pierce his shield. While the arrow managed to pierce through Rennes’s defense it only managed to give Rennes a small cut on his cheek. Before Zhou could summon another arrow, Rennes uses his earth magic to keep Zhou in place, and conjures a Thunder Dragon. Rennes gives Zhou one last chance to forfeit but Zhou refuses. Rennes attacks Zhou with his Dragon but she is saved at the last minute by her teacher, though she still passed out from the impact of the attack. Due to the interference of her teacher, Vasily Andre, the headmaster of the Royal Academy, declared Rennes the winner, though Rennes’s teacher Wadley Aisi scolded Rennes for nearly killing Zhou with his attack

Tols Rennes vs Yuri Aisha[]

As the tournament continued to the quarter-finals, most of the students were either deemed unfit to continue fighting or disqualified for the use of different boundary force. In the final battle of the quarter-finals Rennes is paired against Yuri, a fellow student of the magic class. Seeing the results of his last battle his opponent quickly forfeited knowing that she would not have been able to beat him. As the only students eligible to fight, Rennes is set to fight Xiang Ye in the final round.

Xiang Ye vs Tols Rennes[]

Offended and angered by his opponent's attitude towards him, Rennes demanded and was granted a battle to the death by the king. When asked his reasons he stated that Xiang Ye was disrespectful towards his position as a prince, believed himself equal to Rennes, and was undeserving of a woman as fine as Yi Bei.

The battle started with Rennes unleashing his overwhelming Boaundary Force but Xiang Ye does not submit to Rennes, and instead pulls out the Pale-Moon Stone gifted to him by his Forging teacher Martin. Without hesitating, Rennes quickly entrap Xiang Ye in a ball of earth which he engulfs in fire. Despite everyone thinking that he instantly killed Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye breaks free with the aid of his Lucky 3, a large mech he created while being a trapped. Rennes continues to attack and evade Xiang He’s Lucky 3 with his magic, Believing Rennes to be a long range fighter, Xiang Ye fires a gatling gun at Rennes while he surrounds him with miniature bombs. Rennes notices the bombs only moments before he is engulfed in an explosion. Rennes emerges from the rubble, seemingly scarred by Xaing Ye’s attack but is revealed to be a water clone he created from a water giant.

Rennes reveals himself unscathed atop the water giant and tries to crush Xiang Ye from the pressure of the water, only to be annoyed due to the mech being made out of the indestructible Useless Lumber. Realizing the creases in the mech, Rennes floods the inside of the mech to lure Xiang Ye out. While Rennes was able to force Xiang Ye out of the Mech, he was surprised to find out that Xiang Ye created an armor out of the same material, which Xiang Ye dubbed the Knight of Magic. With the pale moon stone Xiang Ye freezes Rennes’s water giant.

With his water giant now frozen, Rennes uses his earth magic to attack Xiang Ye, who manages to avoid the attack thanks to his armor’s ability to fly. Xiang Ye attempts to close the gap between them but is knocked back by Rennes’s punch. Rennes reveals he is just as capable at hand to hand combat as he is magic but is caught off guard when Xiang Ye penetrates Rennes’s defense and punches the cocky prince, shattering his pride.

Angered, Rennes found it unacceptable for him to be damaged by the one he once considered below him and continued to attack Xiang Ye mercilessly with his blade of water. In an attempt to emobilize Xiang Ye, Rennes used his earth magic to conjure Hands of Terra from the arena trapping Xiang Ye. Xiang Ye attempted to destroy the hands with his suit’s missiles but was thwarted as Rennes would continue to regenerate the hands. As Rennes continued to attack Xiang Ye from all sides, Xiang Ye began to charge his laser beam. Noticing the heat coming from Xiang Ye, Rennes believes he is using fire magic to free himself and activates his magic barrier to shield himself. Xiang Ye fires his laser at Rennes, penetrating his shield and scarring Rennes’s left eye. While Rennes stood in shock from the pain, Xiang Ye broke free from the hands and reminded Rennes his promise to defeat him.

Now completely blinded by rage and bloodlust, Rennes used the full extent of his magic by activating his Iris of Magic, and conjures his most powerful spell Hurricane of Destruction, tornadoes made from Rennes’s elemental abilities. Xiang Ye attempts to fire another laser at Rennes, but is blocked by Rennes’s tornadoes. Rennes then conjured more Hands of Terra to trap Xiang Ye. With Xiang Ye now immobilized, Rennes attempts to pierce Xiang Ye’s armor by combining the tornadoes together into a drill to pierce Xiang Ye.

Crushed under the force of his spell, Xiang Ye attempts another spell to attack Rennes while he laughs at Xiang Ye, but panics when he sees Rennes absorb his magic thanks to his Iris of Magic. Xiang Ye tries to use a more powerful laser to counter the Hurricane but overloaded his chargers. Noticing Yi Bei from the sidelines encourage Xiang Ye, Rennes becomes more infuriated that she would still want to side with someone as weak as him. As Rennes continued to taunt Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye, still connected to Lucky 3, activates the auto pilot to his Mech to attack Rennes from behind, knocking him away and giving Xiang Ye the chance to escape.

As Lucky 3 continues to attack Rennes, Xiang Ye goaded Rennes to transform into his dragon form if he wanted to defeat him. Rennes immobilized Xiang He’s Lucky 3 while claiming to not need to use his dragon form to defeat Xiang Ye. As Rennes came closer to Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye forges his last resort weapon, a controlled hydrogen bomb. To counter the attack Rennes uses his strongest defense spell, Angel’s Blessing, though this did little to help as the bomb generated a dyson sphere to contain the explosion with Rennes inside. Realizing Xiang He’s hydrogen bomb was too strong for Rennes to defend against, and the entire arena would be engulfed in the explosion, the Headmaster used his defensive magic to shield the audience. With the entire arena destroyed and the explosion successfully contained, Xiang Ye condensed the sphere, where only half of Rennes’s spell remained on top top of a pillar of lava, only to find a fire imp floating in mid air, who Rennes summoned to absorb the impact of the explosion. Rennes then emerges from the lava transformed into his dragon form, severely injured but still alive.

Rennes continued his battle with Xiang Ye by manipulating the lava beneath him to attack Xiang Ye. While Xiang Ye tried to avoid the lava, Rennes was already behind him, striking him down to the crater below them, with Xiang Ye barely able to generate a shield to black Rennes’s punch. Before Xiang Ye could use his pen to forge again, Rennes pinned Xiang Ye down with just his feet. Rennes claimed Xiang Ye was nothing without his pen, while Xiang Ye claimed Rennes would have died if he didn’t turn into his dragon form. Believing he was at the advantage, Rennes mocked Xiang Ye for ever thinking he was capable of defeating him and that everyone, including Yi Bei will watch as he murders Xiang Ye. Xiang Ye however laughed at Rennes’s arrogance and points out how Rennes is not the hero he thinks he is, but just an insecure bully who can’t handle rejection. As Rennes prepares to kill Xiang Ye with one last punch, Xiang Ye cuts Rennes’s right arm and wings off using a laser beam he was saving for when he got close to Rennes.

Still believing he was at the advantage, Rennes forced the gaping wound closed while he uses his other arm to attack Xiang Ye. Before he could land his punch on Xiang Ye, Rennes’s body began to give out. Xiang Ye reveals he never intended to use the laser to defeat Rennes as Rennes’s defeat was secured the moment he was hit with his hydrogen bomb’s radiation. Rennes’s could only agonize in pain as the radiation from the hydrogen bomb crippled and blinded him while the crowd jeered at them to keep fighting. Realizing Rennes will not be able to survive, Wadley tries to intervene but is stopped by the Headmaster, reminding her that this was what Rennes asked for and that he needs to live with the consequences. Rennes’s continued to agonize in pain as his body began to rapidly age and his dragon form melted away.

Rennes however refused to give up and accept being defeated by “Useless Lumber” like Xiang Ye, attempting one last attack on Xiang Ye, but was too feeble to do so. Xiang Ye, having had enough of Rennes arrogance, proclaims that he doesn’t care who Rennes is and punches Rennes, knocking him out. Sophisas declares Xiang Ye the winner of the Kingdom Cup as the crowd cheers for him.

After his defeat, Rennes was on the verge of death but saved by Principal Vasily Andre. While he was able to save Rennes' life this left the young mage with multiple scars, a missing arm, and was left blinded by the radiation.

Days later, Xiang Ye and Yi Bei find Rennes being thrashed by Tols Buri and Bushi, with the crowd jeering at Rennes. Although Yi Bei remains indifferent, Xiang Ye reluctantly saves Rennes from the foolish siblings. Later Xiang Ye takes pity on the crippled Rennes, and tells Wadley Aisi to take Rennes to the forging seniors.


Boundary Force: As a member of the Mage class at the royal academy, Rennes is incredibly skilled in his usage of Boundary Force or alternatively know as Magic. He is able to channel his boundary force into various spells that can cause some devastating effects and his aura alone is strong enough to exert pressure on the heart. Rennes was once considered the most gifted student of the Magic class as well as the elite of the Royal Academy. Rennes lost most of his abilities after the ill-fated battle against Xiang Ye.

  • High Tier Magic Electric Dragon: Rennes is able to call forth a thunderstorm that causes the people around him to become paralyzed, he then summons a devastating bolt of lightning from sky to strike at his target in the from of an electric dragon.
  • High Tier Magic Thunder Bolt: Rennes conjures a massive amount of lighting gin his hand before shooting it towards his opponent like a lightning bolt.
  • High Tier Magic Spear of Ice: Rennes conjures ice magic in his hand and quickly throws it towards his opponent.

  • Super Tier Magic Blade of Water: Rennes creates an incredibly long blade made out of water to slash at his opponent. It is described as a pressurized water cutter and Rennes can split it into multiple blade to deal even more damage
  • Super Tier Magic Hands of Terra: Rennes creates giant hands of stone from the floor to grab and restrain his opponent. Even if the Hands are damaged the stone can quickly regenerate retaking it normal form. However if Rennes loses concentration the hands won't regenerate.
  • Super Tier Magic Elemental Burst: Rennes creates dozens of magic circles around his opponent before bombarding them with 3 different types of elemental magic, Fire, Wind, and Electricity.

  • World Tier Magic Hurricane of Destruction: Rennes creates multiple tornadoes around him that he can control with a simple gesture. They are able to defend against Xiang Ye's Lasers and was even able to dent useless lumber a near indestructible material.
  • World Tier Magic Angel's Blessing: Rennes conjures an incredibly strong magical barrier in the form of a gaint glowing angel in order to protect himself from a massive attack.
  • World Tier Magic Lava Dragon: Rennes is able to control lava and shape it into multiple large dragon like constructs to attack the enemy.
  • World Tier Magic Magic Impact: Rennes charges his left fist with a massive amount Boundary Force to the point where streams of magic fly all around him before throwing a devastating punch towards his opponent.

  • Levitation Magic: Rennes is able to use a small piece of the land, water and even the air itself to fly over large distances without difficulty.
  • Water Walk Magic: Rennes can use this magic on the bottom of his feet to stand and walk on water.
  • Magic Forcefield: Rennes can erect various magical force fields to protect himself from harm.
  • Whirlpool: Rennes can surround his opponent in a giant whirlpool and send them high into the air.
  • Earth Magic: Rennes crushes the ground beneath his opponent and uses the debris to surround and crush his opponent. He then spins it so fast that it ignites into flames and being to melt together.
  • Water Clone Magic: Rennes can make a clone of himself purely out of water in order to deceive his opponent
  • Water Elemental Giant: Rennes is able to create a giant water elemental that can crush and even drown enemies by trapping them in his grasp.
  • Metal Spike Magic: Rennes summons multiple metal spikes from underneath his opponent to either impale or trap them.

Iris of Magic: Rennes inherited whats known as the Iris of Magic in his right eye. It very rare magic that can only be obtained if you share the lost bloodline of the Barol Tribe. It allows the user to absorb all types of magic into it whether the user wants to or not. It also continuously increases ones magic power without end towards infinity. However Rennes can only use it up to 15 minutes at a time. Rennes loses its use due to his serious injuries he sustained while fighting Xiang Ye.

Spirit Summoning" Rennes is able to summon an Imp spirit which can absorb the massive fire ball created by Xiang Ye's nuclear weapon. However it can only be used once per fight.

Dragon Form: As a member of the Royal Family Rennes possess the ability to transform into a half dragon hybrid. This form allows the user to greatly enhance their physical and magical power upwards to 10 times their base form although this varies from person to person. Rennes' dragon form is more humanoid and has a pair of wings. In this form, Rennes is said to be close in power to Angus.