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"Today, I will prove to all of you that forging can be used to counter-attack! And I! Am the juggernaut that you should be paying attention to!"

-Xiang Ye during his fight against Tols Bushi


Xiang Ye is the main protagonist of the story, My Wife Is A Demon Queen. He is a human from Earth who was summoned to this current world to aid the former queen of the Demon Tribe Isabella Osa in reclaiming her throne. Despite not having Boundary Force or any talent for traditional combat, his genius intellect and imagination has made him recognized as a prodigy in Forging and has made him a Major of the Human Kingdom's army.


Xiang Ye is considered to be intelligent by many and very creative. Xiang Ye has a keen mind for business and also has a generous and kind nature, trying to help others as much as he can. He is confident in his abilities and also a bit arrogant but tends to not underestimate his opponents, rather preferring to fight them well-prepared and ready. Xiang Ye is very cheerful, and has an easy time making allies and gaining their trust and is also very protective of his friends and allies, especially when concerning Isabella. He has feelings for Isabella and tries to get her attention whenever he can.


Xiang Ye is a young man around average height, though slightly taller than most characters, with a lean medium build and has brown spiky hair with purple eyes. He is usually seen wearing his blue suit and carrying a forging pen.


Isabella Osa: Isabella is the former Demon Queen who summoned Xiang Ye into her world to aid her in her endeavor to restore piece to her world. Upon their first meeting, Isabella was disappointed that Xiang Ye was an ordinary human and believed he was incapable of helping her. Despite their initially hostile encounter, Xiang Ye decides to aid Isabella in her quest as he believes it will return him to his world. Xiang Ye, while intimidated by Isabella, does not hesitate to remind her of the reality of her situation, and that by blindly attacking her enemy's without a strategy she will play right into the enemy's hands, which Isabella reluctantly agrees. Upon entering the human kingdom, Xiang Ye and Isabella pose as a married couple to keep unwanted attention off themselves, even changing Isabella's name to Yi Bei so as not to arouse suspicion. While Xiang Ye has a clear attraction towards Isabella, Isabella is put off by Xiang Ye for his human origin as well as his informal personality. When Xiang Ye is written off as “useless lumber”, Isabella stands up for Xiang Ye, showing she does have concern for him and is embarrassed when Xiang Ye proudly claims her as his wife. During their time at the Academy the two are more trusting of each other though Isabella still treats him coldly at times for his perversion and tomfoolery and is slightly jealous when other people show interest in Xiang Ye. During the Kingdom Cup Tournament, Xiang Ye shields her from a falling boulder as they were pushed off a cliff, saving Isabella and knocking him unconscious. Though grateful for his help, she decides to distant herself from Xiang Ye as she has come to appreciate him and is afraid him dying should he continue to assist her. After being told her reasons by Vasily Xiang Ye gives up on returning to earth and decides to remain with Isabella, having grown genuine feelings for her. During Isabella’s fight against Tols Penny she reverted back to her demonic state and attempted to murder Penny. Xiang Ye rushed to the arena to help Isabella. When his words were not enough to convince her, he kisses her to regain her composure. Though this works Isabella is left flustered by Xiang Ye’s actions. Now seeing how much Xiang Ye cares for her, Isabella continues to support him and even thanks him for fulfilling his promise.

Sophisas: The knight who saved Xiang Ye and Isabella and accommodated them in the Human Tribe. Sophisas cares greatly for Xiang Ye, because he resembles his lost younger brother, Sophisac. Xiang Ye and Isabella are grateful to him and trust him. Sophisas is impressed with Xiang Ye's skills (especially his technologically advanced weapons), believing him to be someone who can threaten the evil Regent, Tols Angus.

Ashtone Martin: The Forging Teacher and Xiang Ye's mentor. Martin is astounded by Xiang Ye's inventions and is very proud of him.

Alex Eli: The top student of the Close Quarter Combat Class and Xiang Ye's friend. Xiang Ye believed Eli would win the tournament (although Xiang Ye became the unexpected champion). After retrieving the life stone from the ruins, Xiang Ye constructs an excellent building for a school and orphanage at Eli's village.

Al Modo: A fellow student of the forging class. Modo becomes an assistant for Xiang Ye, being able to replicate some of his modern inventions.

Tols Rennes: The former top student of the Royal Academy until he was toppled by Xiang Ye. Rennes was attracted to Isabella and unsuccessfully attempted to seperate her and Xiang Ye through subtle means. In a final attempt to win Isabella, Rennes challenged Xiang Ye to a death match at the final round of the tournament. Rennes became increasingly reckless and unstable when Xiang Ye turned out to be a resilient opponent, and tried to murder him with destructive spells. Out of options, Xiang Ye defeats Rennes by permanently crippling him with nuclear radiation. Few weeks later, Xiang Ye finds Rennes being bullied by Tols Buri and Bushi, and reluctantly saves him. Rennes apologizes to Xiang Ye, telling him that he does not blame him for his pitiful condition. Later, Xiang Ye recommends Rennes' teacher to visit his seniors for Rennes' treatment.



While relaxing in his own world he was transported to the demon tribes territory where he first met the hostile Isabella, who was surprised about summoning a human of all things. She did not trust him and continually called him a member of the "Human Tribe". However, one of the head mages noted that he had the same ring as the young demon queen. Isabella was confused about why they were only able to summon someone without a single ounce of magic. There she lost the rest of her powers and reverted into a human.

Husband and wife meeting

Fleeing the Human Army[]

As the two of them fled but were intercepted by the White Dragon Knights led by Sophisas who was convinced that they were runaway slaves from the demon tribe. They were taken care of and brought to his home under his protection as the young captain's guest.

Joining The Royal Academy[]

While under the care of Sophisas the two of them decided to enter the Royal Academy seeing it as the only way to leave the human tribes' walls and return to the demon tribe. There, Xiang Ye was excited to see what he could do with the hopes of becoming a mage, however, it was discovered that he did not have any magic nor boundary force, so he could not enter in the combative classes. Disappointed, Xiang Ye and others thought of him as useless. He was escorted to the other classed where he discovered the forging class, which relied on drawing rather than metalwork.

Showing off his skills

Being skilled in art and a creative person he saw this as an opportunity and something he could excel at. He was accepted and quickly became the top student in the class, impressing his teacher Ashtone Martin and classmate and eventual friend Al Modo. He created many different inventions from his own world like fans, bicycles, and even semi-trucks.

Battle for the Forging Stones[]

After using up all the forging stones he was given, Xiang Ye went to his mentor who told him that the average stone is worth an astronomical amount of money. Convince to get more he goes to where they are mined where he found his teacher investigating. they both found out that the refinery class had been lying about the production and had increased the prices because of their greed and in an attempt to keep the forging class in their place and in their pocket. upon the discovery, they were attacked by the refinery teacher and his students. As the battle ensued the refinery class had the upper hand in the battle until Xiang Ye release his red stone to create Lucky One and turn the battle in their favor. in the end, The forging class got the rights to the forging stones at a much cheaper price.

Tournament Arc[]

Upon hearing about the Kingdom Cup Tournament, Xiang Ye thought of this as an opportunity to leave the walls of the human clan's city and get Isabella back to the demon clan. Since the winner would receive the rank of Major in the military and have the ability to come in and out of the city as they pleased.

First Round []

Creating a speed boat

  1. The first round of the tournament was a race with the goal of getting tokens to progress to the battles in the second round. Xiang Ye and others were teleported to a beach and had to cross a large body of water as quickly as possible. While others used magic and means like swimming Xiang Ye created a boat and sped through the large body of water. Even when they came across a sea monster it hardly slowed him down since he mowed it down with machine guns that he created.
  2. The second part of the competition required them to make it through a burning forest. Here The Queen of Thorns fought them angered by the humans burning her forest.she proved to be a difficult opponent since she could not be killed within the forest. Xiang Ye and his group repeatedly protested their innocence against her claims that they started the forest fire, but she's too enraged to believe them. however, it was later discovered that she was once Isabella's pet when they were both children.
  3. The final part of the first round was navigating a mountain with heavy winds. Here The main character and his friends fought rock Golems and the refinery class when they reached the top of the mountain. While Xiang Ye was injured he was able to move onto the next round thanks to Isabella's help who carried him through the portal along with his token's

Second Round[]

His First Fight was against Bushi of the refinery class. His opponent at first did not take him seriously, which turned out to be a costly mistake. Using modern technology Xiang Ye pushed his opponent into using his dragon form. While he was at first surprised Xiang Ye created a giant Microwave and baked his opponent alive. Xiang Ye admitted he planned on killing him, but Bushi was saved at the last minute by the Principal.

drawing magic

His second battle was with Wakiri Nainai of the cooking class who focused on combat unlike others in his group. He was a tough opponent and one that gained Xiang Ye's respect. However, using his talents he was able to draw magic and fight him head-on without the need for boundary force or magic. Wakiri Nainai took a lot of damage in the fight eventually losing to the main character. This fight greatly angered Tols Rennes because of the theft of his magic spells.

Battle With Rennes[]

The final battle of the Tournament was against the antagonist of the arc Tols Rennes. As tensions between the two of them increased so did Renne's hatred for Xiang Ye who requested a battle to the death. When Xiang Ye asked the reasons gave him 3 reasons: He disrespected his authority as a prince and mocked Rennes' status as a prince. He imitated his abilities, with an intention to declare battle. Finally, because he wasn't worthy of a wife like Yi Bei (Isabella Osa).

Cutting off Rennes arm

The battle started with Rennes thinking that he instantly killed Xiang Ye, but it turned out that he created a large mech out of the indestructible Useless Lumber. While Rennes was able to force Xiang Ye out of the Mech, he was surprised to find out that Xiang Ye created an armor out of the same material which was used for the rest of the fight. Still Confident in himself Rennes continued to attack with the hopes of killing Xiang Ye quickly. However, Xiang Ye was able to land a exellant hit on the cocky mage, shattering his pride. Angered, Rennes found it unacceptable for him to be damaged by the one he once considered below him and continued to attack mercilessly, dropping his guard. This allowed Xiang Ye to use his laser beam and scarring his face. This forced Rennes to use the full extent of his magic eye to try and kill his opponent. Before he could though Xiang Ye used a controlled nuclear bomb with the attempt to take him out. While the explosion didn't kill Rennes it did severely injure him forcing him to use his dragon form. Thinking he was at an advantage Xiang Ye cut his arm off using a beam. While this didn't kill him, the radiation from the nuclear bomb finished Rennes off with Xiang Ye emerging from the winner of the Tournament and gaining the rank of Major.

Leaving the Capital[]

After becoming the winner, Xiang Ye(Xiang Ye), along with Yi Bei(Isabella Osa), Al Modo, Eli, set out in Xiang Ye's helicopter to Eli's village to look for the sword. Xiang Ye and Modo vomits after landing near the village. After getting acquainted with the village chief and Eli(Alex "Eli" Ayr)'s siblings in the village. They look around the ruins for clues, and they eventually find a dungeon leading down. After that, the gang were separated with Xiang Ye and Yi Bei on one side and Modo and Eli the other side. Eli and Modo encounters a golem, and reunites with Xiang Ye and defeat the golem. Then they encounter a dragon which has evolved using the sword with which Isabella was stabbed by Lillian(Lillian) to take over the throne. Then they defeat the dragon, where Eli scorches his hair. Then after leaving the dungeon after retrieving the sword, and after sometime, mysterious people in robes appeared and were talking about the gem. Eli's hair grows back after Xiang Ye uses the red stone of the sword to help Eli. That night after returning, Xiang Ye who could sleep goes outside to find Yi Bei alone. After talking a while, the mood becomes quite a romantic one but gets interrupted by Eli who asks Xiang Ye to make a scissors to cut his overgrown hair. The villagers were overjoyed with the building, that Xiang Ye promised to make something for the village, makes a huge school, with swimming pool, dorms and dining room, with lighting from the element stones and also assured that some people will come to do maintenance for the building. Eli's siblings make a paper bouquet for Yi Bei, but asks if it is for lighting a fire, which leaves the children shocked. And with everything set, they leave the village, and return to the royal capital.

Reaching the Capital []

The Dwarf Kingdom []


Mechs and Armors[]

Lucky Three: A giant robot made from useless lumber it is likely unbreakable. It can be Piloted from the inside and has an autopilot feature as well. It was first seen in the fight against Rennes

Magic Knight Armor: This was a full-body suit created by Xiang Ye and used during his battle against Rennes. It has the ability to fly and had many different weapons like lasers, missiles, and built-in shields. He can also cast magic while in it.
Xaing Ye KoM Render.png

Lucky One: This is the first Mech that the main character created. It fought against the Purple Dragon team and won.