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The Pastoral Teacher at The Royal Academy. She also assists with healing at the hospital.


She is shown to be kind and caring towards others, specially her students.


Fiona is a voluptuous and curvaceous woman of regular height. She has long Tonys Pink hair and her bangs cover her right eye. She has Shadow Green colored eyes.


Fiona first appears during the school tournament while leading her students to the stage. She stays in the stands along with the other teachers, occasionally commenting on the tournament happenings.

She healed Xiang Ye's injuries after the conclusion of his battle with Tols Rennes.

She joined Sophisas's squadron to aid the Dwarf Tribe.

Powers and Abilities[]

Healing: As the Pastoral teacher, she can perform High Level healing
Yali Fiona's Healing Embrace

Fiona's Healing Embrace

Summoning Skill: She can summon beasts of Danger Level A
Yali Fionna summons a Danger Level A Unisight

Fiona's summon