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Introduced during the Tournament Arc as a mage and the top assistant of magic teacher Aisi.


Aisha is shown to be kind,honest,helpful,pragmatic and very informative individual. She befriends Xiang Ye and his friends as to help her fellow classmate pass the first round. And returns the favor by helping them out wherever she can.


Aisha is a petite young woman with fair skin. She has long pink hair with two bangs that frame her face and reach down to her shoulders. With pink colored eyes to match. Wearing a shoulder cut-out mini dress.


She is first seen observing Rennes training and commenting on how strong he is with her Teacher In chapter 57.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a student of the Magic class, Yuri possesses an exceptionally large Boundary force(which is a requirement to be able to enter said class). She is shown to be a powerful and skilled magic user. Specializing in ice magic. Which is said to be a combination of water and wind elements combined together. Yuri is also capable of creating barrier.